Looking for an easy way to duplicate audio part

I have a project with only audio files (no midi, etc, only audio files that I have recorded myself). The audio files are consecutive, i.e. not loops, but recordings I have made of my band.

Is there an easy way in Cubase to select part of the recording, say 30 seconds, and have it duplicated (or tripled even), in such a way that what follows after the duplicated part is pushed forward in the project window.

Yesterday, I wanted to duplicate a section in the middle of a song where there is vocals. I had set the left and right locators to a perfect loop for this section. I then used Function/Cut at cursor to cut the section out from all 8 tracks. I then copied the section, manually moved everything after the section out of the way to the right, pasted the copy of the section at the right locator, and then manually slid what follows after the section back into place. This is fiddly, and I suspect there is an automatic procedure in Cubase to do this.

Any ideas?


Select the area between locators with the range selection tool, Copy (Ctrl C) then Paste Time (Ctrl-Shift-V) as many times as you want it repeated.

I have a macro to do this and set it to a key command.

First you select the events you want to duplicate/insert. You can select just one of the events as the first part of the macro will set the LR locators to surround this event. Then the macro will select all events within this range, copy them, and then Paste Time will shift everything over before pasting.

Macro steps are

  1. Transport -> Locators to Selection
  2. Edit -> Global Copy
  3. Transport -> Locate Selection End
  4. Edit -> Paste Time

Thanks Grim and luga01,

I will try this. So Paste Time is what does the trick of shifting everything after the inserted copies, is that correct?

All the best,


Indeed it is!

Cool! Thanks again. Really useful function for me.