Looking for better workflow for referencing sketches

I often write version after version of the same musical ideas, trying some new textures or improving on existing ones and during this process I would like to continuously reference previous versions of the same stuff while I write a new one. The flows in my files often look like this:

  • movement I sketches Mar 2022
  • movement I sketches Apr 2022
  • movement I sketches May 2022
  • movement I
  • movement II sketches May 2022
  • movement II

I find myself scrolling a lot between flows during this process. Often I just create some extra bars in a movement to copy another sketch of the same fragment next to it to be able to reference it during the writing, but that is not ideal.
I would love to have a split view between 2 places in the same layout, e.g. have the ‘Mvt I sketches May 2022’ and ‘Mvt I’ flows or 2 different spots in the same flow (in the same layout) next to each other on the screen.

This is not possible though: when playback starts, both views go to the playback location. I can turn this off in the settings of course, but then none of them shows the playback location, which is not convenient either.

Would it be possible to implement an option to have only the currently active/focussed view to go to the playback location in a future version of Dorico?

Thank you in advance for considering this.

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This has been requested before, and it’s on our list of things to implement in future versions.

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Thank you, great to hear that!