Looking for Church Bell type VST/convincing synth

need some nice low bells… maybe like the ones in mariah carey’s all i want for christmas is you

i have VSL special edition but plate bells etc. don’t cut it

There’s a free carillon library over here:
Hope you’ll find it useful.
You will need this app: http://melodymachine.com/sfark.htm
to unpack the sfArk file.

thank you I will check it out

one more question which vst do you use to play SF2 files?

I use Kontakt 4, but if you don’t have it ,you can use the free Cakewalk SFZ Sample Player.
Here it is: http://www.cakewalk.com/support/project5/sfz.aspx
If you’d like to learn more about it before installing it, this page provides you with additional information: http://www.kvraudio.com/db/sfz_by_cakewalk

Unfortunately, it only works in 32-bit Cubase.

You could also check Samplelord player in case you are not going to buy a fully fledged sampler like Kontakt , Hallion or MachFive in the near future. This small app opens virtually any sampler files and works very reliably. It’s very inexpensive at the moment (there’s a holiday special) and even though the 32-bit version works very well with Cubase bit bridge, its coder is currently working at a 64-bit version which will be even better.