Looking for CSX3 License transfer

Bonjour guys, i’m looking for a transfer of Cubase Sx3 license.
I quit making music a few years back to focus on my day job, and now i’m trying to get back where i left.
I used Cubase Sx3 for many years, but i don’t have the computer that i used back then, and i don’t have any license info either.

I’m not looking for newer version of Cubase because the Sx3 is the one i’m completely familiar with.
So i am willing to agree on a fee, if someone is willing to transfer an working Sx3 License :slight_smile:

If you stopped making music years ago you most likely remember only a little about Cubase SX 3. The time you will spend relearning how to use SX 3 is time you could have spent learning Cubase Pro 8.5 instead, which is a much better DAW. Most of the things you remember about SX 3 should still apply to 8.5.

Actually i remember SX3 perfectly ^^

Plus i don’t have 400 euros to spend on 8.5, and judging from the 8.AI version that came with my UR12 external sound card, i do not like the way new cubase version looks and feel.

I heard there is a backward licensing compatibility for certain cubase versions older than SX3, meaning you can open SX3 if you have cubase 5 or something like that, i think it could be a good idea since these versions might be more affordable than the latest version.
Bottom line is, i really just wan’t to use SX3 for now, and willing to pay for reasonable price.

Cubase AI is barely like the full version.

That is correct.
All licenses for Cubase products that are protected by the USB-eLicenser, do support older versions of Cubase that are also protected by the USB-eLicenser.

Therefore, you’d be able to run “Cubase SX 3” with any of the following licenses:
“Cubase SX 3”, “Cubase 4”, “Cubase 5”, “Cubase 6”, “Cubase 7”, “Cubase Pro 8” (and, of course, with the respective “.5” versions, like “Cubase Pro 8.5” etc.)

Actually, I’d be more concerned about setting up a compatible computer system, as I’m not sure how such an old software version will run on the latest Windows / OS X operating system versions.

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: