Looking for Cubase 10.5 update

Hi all,

I’m running Cubase 10 here and would like to update to 10.5. If by any chance someone has an unused Cubase 10.5 update license / activation code laying around somewhere, hit me up. I’d be willing to spend 50 € for that.



Any update code that you apply now will take you to the current version, Cubase 13. As you already have an eLicenser licence, that will be updated to a non-updatable Cubase 11 licence as part of the update, which will allow you to use Cubase 10.5.

Your best bet may well be to update to Cubase 13 in the current sale.

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Thx for your reply, David.

I was already contemplating to update in the way you are suggesting. I’m using an SAC 2.2 controller here and configured Cubase 10 in a way that it works really well with it, added some things via MIDI Translator etc…

Cubase 10.5 is the last update that supports that controller natively, with Cubase 11 the support of this device was stopped by Steinberg. They didn’t announce it, so I didn’t update to 10.5 back then when the update was on sale for around 50 Euros.

I don’t think I’d ever need more functions than what Cubase 10.5 has to offer. If I’d go the route to buy the Cubase 13 update now, I’d have to pay 140 € just to run Cubase 10.5 and would probably not use V13 at all. Considering the original update price, that’s the very last option.

I hear you, but the problem is that anyone sitting on a Cubase 10.5 update code will likely know that using that code today will result in a Cubase 13 licence.

Your easiest option is to update to Cubase 13 in the current sale.

The only way to get Cubase 10.5 today is to purchase a second-hand licence that has already been activated, and then sell your Cubase 10 licence to offset the Cubase 10.5 purchase price. This will be a lot of hassle, as you’ll have to ship licences on USB eLicensers. Moreover, I doubt it will work out that much cheaper than buying a Cubase 13 update code in the current sale.

Of course, what you do is up to you.

Hmmm…am I missing something here ? So what you are saying is that anybody applying a Cubase 10.5 update code for Cubase 10 or updating to Cubase 11 for that matter will automatically receive a license for Cubase 13 ?

I was under the assumption that if I’d use one of the aforementioned codes, I’d have a license for Cubase 10.5 or 11 on the e-licenser and if I wanted to update to Cubase 13 or a later version later on, I’d have to buy an extra update-license.

You always get the current version of the product when you activate the code, which can be later than the version for which the code was purchased.

If you found an unused Cubase 10.5 update code, I think your licence would update to Cubase 11 (grace period eligible). Then, when you claimed the grace period licence, you’d get a Cubase 13 licence on Steinberg Licensing, and your Cubase 11 licence on eLicenser would be marked as non-upgradable (as all future upgrades will happen in the Steinberg Licensing ecosystem based on the Cubase 13 licence).

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Gotcha. Thanks for that information, David. I didn’t know that. That makes it indeed unlikely that anybody’s willing to sell that update code.