Looking for Cubase Testers [Windows VSTi]

First of all I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this.

I’m finishing up a VSTi and a test user has reported crashing on Cubase 11 Pro, since I don’t have a USB e-licenser, and the trial pages are 404’ing, I need to ask here.

If anyone on Windows would like to try the instrument and let me know if it also crashes their Cubase, I’d really appreciate it. In return you can keep the instrument and associated Libraries :slight_smile:

Just let me know, thanks!

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What is the instrument?

Pm me the download details if you still need a tester

Sorry, the forum won’t let me link it. I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

that’s for Spam protection from new users… this changes over time

Completely understandable!

Sidenote I can’t figure out how to start a new PM, if someone could help a new forum user out :wink:

Edit: that actually might be spam protection as well

klick on the name of the user and there should be a Message button

Yeah there’s no message button, plus my inbox doesn’t have a “send new message” like I expected. So I think it’s spam protection

it opens up after a while and I think you ave to do 5 posts

I’ll give it a go!!

Great, thanks for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:

Neither the vst2 nor the vst3 plugin I could make crash in Cubase 11.0.20…
On my system it is more stable than some Steinberg plugins…

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I just sent you a PM. Hopefully you can reply?

Hey sorry to everyone that PM’d me, I was restricted from sending PMs due to this new account thing, it seems to be resolved now so I’ll get to messaging you all back (unless it restricts me again :wink: )

Thanks again to everyone that expressed interest and provided feedback

normally it will not… it was just because your beginners skills…