Looking For Firewire Laptop Recommendations


I recently installed Cubase 11 Artist in my desktop PC DAW. I would like to get a laptop for portability to record at remote locations and looking for recommendations. It would be nice if I could get one that has a Firewire port as well as USB since my primary interface is an Echo Audiofire 12. I have searched the forums for laptop recommendations but found no mention of firewire. I have searched on the web but cannot really get a sense of what is great, what is good, and what to avoid. Also it might replace my Desktop since that is at least 10 years old, ancient by PC standards. What is a reliable stable laptop with firewire that will run cubase 11 and some plug-ins?

Thanks for reading.

I’m afraid there are no new laptops with FireWire available any more.
Only used ones…

A laptop with thunderbolt and a firewire adapter is sort of the only solution for a newish laptop.

Ok. Thanks for the advice. I also have a lexicon alpha which is USB and will work as a remote setup so what are some decent laptops to use as DAWs?

It depends on what you expect…

The question is the same like “What’s a good car to drive from a to b?”
If we say buy a Mercedes SLK you will answer, you can’t fit all the beer in the trunk…

Use the lexicon with asio driver and get any modern laptop with an i7 or ryzen 7, I would get 32gb ram. Asus has one…

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You’d be way better off getting a newer usb interface and not worrying about firewire.

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is on my shortlist for laptops at the moment as I need a new one. I believe the 11th gen are out soon

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My Mac Air M1 16gb 512gb is pretty awesome…

Worst mac that I have ever bought. It is very fast, it is totally silent. Unfortunately external screens work extremely poor compared to intel macs. It was not fixed in 11.3 so it is likely a hardware problem. It wont be fixed with this generation. Close, but no cigar.

My 2560x1440 display via HDMI and a cheap hub works fine. That said, I have heard that people needing multiple displays have had issues, is that what you mean?

No. It is detecting and work with a 4k display port screen. I think it is two problems one is the detection of external displays. It fails often and are extremely much slower than intel. I use the same screen on both. And then there are some big sur issues about power saving, you can not configure the machine to ignore the internal screen when it is connected. My intel works fine. just close the book and have a external screen any it works like a normal computer. The effing M1 goes to sleep or use the internal screen. That is likely a software issue that I think they will solve. But it is a degrade. It make it useless a anything else than laptoy.

Thanks for the replies. Sticking with Windows. I will look at the Asus ones but am wary as even though I had an Asus Mobo in my DAW PC build years ago I had bought an Asus laptop around the same time and returned it because it straight died after only a couple/ fee weeks but that was years ago. Thanks again.

duds can exist across all brands. The Zenbooks have been rated very highly from I’ve seen, there’s some good music production related videos for the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo if you search “ASUS ZenBook Duo Music Production”. SOS has an article as well. The second touch screen can be used for drumpad triggering, fader mixing, macro buttons, etc, etc - which is the selling point for me

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