Looking For Mixing/Production Feedback

Hello to everyone!

I’m a new user here to the Cubase Forum… but have been using Cubase and writing music for about 5 years now.
I’ve recently started a new music project… writing instrumental cinematic/post rock/electronic music.

I was hoping to receive some feedback and helpful criticism on the 2 tracks that I’ve released thus far. I’m sure the music will not be to everyone’s taste… but I’m looking for some helpful feedback in regards to the mix and overall sonic quality.

As for a lot of us… writing/producing/mixing/mastering our own material can be a little tough… and I’m looking to get my tracks to a professional level that can compete with the best of the best.

Thanks in advance! I’ll be looking forward to engaging with everyone. :smiley:

Here’s my Soundcloud page: Stream Buruks music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

really good soundscape, enjoyed listening…my kinda stuff!!
however…sounded a bit distorted…(was it meant to be?) and you need to forget about the loudness war, it aint doing your music any favours, yeah give it a bit but not too much…

really enjoyed it though :slight_smile: :slight_smile: what was the pad in the first track?

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words and feedback man!

I struggle with the loudness thing… But I agree. The track could have breathed a little more had I not pushed it quite as hard.

The Pad sound is from Padshop. A stock VST with Cubase :slight_smile: It’s lovely.

Hey, I listened to them both; you’re getting a great sound! The only thing I can think to suggest is to work on making your music one-of-a-kind, which is a tall order. That’s all I’m thinking about, and not succeeding myself! It’s going to be difficult to stand out from the crowd these days! Anyway, you’re on the right track, so post more, and we’ll comment!

Thanks Early21! I appreciate you taking the time to listen and give feedback. Writing something truly original is probably a musician’s most difficult task… These are the first two tracks I’ve written in this specific style of music, so I’m hoping to grow and create a “unique” sound as i progress. Looking forward to what you will come out with as well!

Hi and welcome.

Well it’s “epic” in style, that’s for sure.
Lots of great elements and sounds in there.
I get a sense of high drama and tension but I’m looking for
things I can hang my hat on. I’m an old-skool dude,
a sucker for a memorable melody.

A lot of distortion/harshness in both tracks, so I only
listened to the first half of each.

Keep going!

Thank you man! I appreciate you having a listen and replying.
Glad that the music is conveying the style that I’m going for.

I totally hear ya about a memorable melody… it gets us all! That’s something I’ll be looking to add in my future releases.

There seems to be a common thread in that my mixes are a little too “harsh”. I think that’s an accumulation of poor mixing/sound design decisions, as well as pushing the mastering a little too hard. Something I also hope to improve on.

Thanks again for having a listen!

Only listened to the 128kbps mp3 streaming sound cloud, which I know ain’t the best for quality, and may be responsible for it sounding a little distorted and dynamically flat (Gave up on trying to get the free download to work)

But musically I love it. Emotive and Powerful, Passed the closes your eyes test. I saw characters walking in mass on an adventure along snow covered mountain tops. (May be I should check what’s in my coffee!)

Great arrangements - it kept me listening. Nice instrumentation.


Thank you for the kind words! I can picture a story with characters as well when listening… so I don’t think there’s anything in the cofee :laughing:

Really appreciate you taking the time to listen and give feedback; I’m glad that you enjoyed!
Musically I feel pretty comfortable with what I’ve produced so far… just need to hone my mixing and production skills to create a better product.

Thanks again!

lovely tunes ,really nice.well done.

Hey - very nice. I’m listening to Endure. My thoughts:

Needs space in the mix for sure … or some drama in some way. Overall loudness is up like others said, and for this type of music more dynamic variation works well. When drums drop out it might be a good time to cut those pads out too.

The main melodies - there are a few and they sound the samey to me. If you have an A section, then a B … maybe use a different sound? The arpeggiated guitar (main sound - up front in mix) is good but a little too “epic/dramatic” of a sound for what it is saying to me. I hear that in something like mallet percussion here … ha, I’m sure you put a zillion watts of creative power into it so take that with a grain of internet salt. Lastly, the drums are big and reverby and so is the guitar … yeah everything is just too big.

OK - the next track auto-played. It feels like the same tempo and same sets of sounds to me … hmm, you definitely have a thing you are doing but it needs to be changed up.

This is all really well performed, but to me just needs some editing down. Do you like Tortoise? Ever listen to the late 80’s or early 90’s albums by Talk Talk? Lots of space and variation.