Looking for other users’ thoughts on audio interfaces making audio tracks mute?

I had posted this once and didn’t hear from the community at all, so I’m hoping to hear from the community a bit regarding this issue. The staff doesn’t seem aware that this has ever happened or been posted about, which is totally cool, I’m just wondering if other users have noticed this and I’m wondering what you personally do to deal with it.

Ever since using my Scarlett interface with the standard Apple USB hub, with Cubasis 3 on my current-gen iPad, I have noticed that audio tracks do not play properly through the interface. This includes audio tracks that were already in place before ever using the interface. MIDI tracks sound perfect with a full spectrum of sound, whereas audio tracks are muffled and missing many important transients, often nearly inaudible even when maxed out in volume. This happens regardless of monitoring, recording origin, or any other factors. The only factor that seems to cause the issue is having the interface plugged in.

I’ve seen other people dealing with this in regards to their recordings being inaudible until they continually restart the app. Is there any way to fix this?

Hi @svmnzr.

Please share a clip with us which shows the problem (please make sure to add shots of the project and audio setup pages too).

In addition, I recommend to share the issue with our friends at Focusrite as well. I’m at hand to have them equipped with Cubasis promo codes for testing purposes if required.