Looking for remote script for Arturia Minifreak

hi guys!

As the title says, does anybody have a midi remote script for the Arturia Minifreak?
( (for the new Cubase 12 midi remote)

i just got the Minifreak, its freaking awesome!

I comes with a VSTi, and you can control this VSTi with the synth.
But you have to link the hardware to the plugin to connect, and then you can only connect one instance per time per project.
i can have multiple VSTi’s open, but not linked, if that makes sense.

I guess with a script for the remote controller, you can control different VSTI’s without this linking, at least some basic stuff.

thanks in advance

Weird design decision by Arturia :slight_smile:

OK, you can check what type of messages the miniFreak sends and at which port(s). If it can send properly, then sure, you can use the midi remote assistant, to assign quick controls of your VSTs to your miniFreak’s knobs, no problem.

thanks, yes it has to do with knobs doing stuff like matrix & mod routing, menu’s etc, which is pretty hard to setup with just midi CC or sysex
It works pretty well with the connected plugin :slight_smile:

im trying to create a script but its confusing.

in this video, Greg is explaining how to use a midi controller to control a plugin, but i dont know how to set this up: https://youtu.be/rucngo6i6qs?si=LSzczWCN8h1J1TRM&t=223

He adds a bunch of “parameters” in the Mapping Assistant (as many as he has faders) and magically moves knobs and functions with those faders.
I cant see any way to set this up so it controls what i want in the plugin.

Is there a function to link these “parameters”?
They are in:
Mapping Assistant-> Functions Browser → Selected Track → Instrument → Parameters → ===Setup===

I basically want every knob on the Minifreak to control the exact function as in the plugin, which has the same layout.
Except from some functions that dont show up in midi monitor, those knobs just dont send out anything that Cubase (or Bome Midi Translator Pro) sees.

I have 23 hardware controllers that send out midi CC i can link to the plugin, for now.


i tried using thehardware buttons to setup simple QC functions, but is has unwanted (buggy) behaviour.

I will contact Arturia about this too :wink:

I got word back from Arturia and they advice not to use the ‘linked’ function to link VST plugin at the same time as the Mide Remote script

it has to do with a special protocol between said plugin and the hardware

not sure if this is good or bad, because everything has its pros and cons

at least the connection is really stable and works fantastic

you just need to unlink and then link to another instance if using multiple Minifreak V’s (and dont forget otherwise you mess up the previous linked sound hehe)