Looking for software to test cubase midi out timing


I am looking for a software that can test the midi clock out timing of cubase… Does anybody know of one?

(Getting sloppy out clock into iodock and certain synths) now i want to pinpoint where the problem is… Cubase sending or the iodock or the app receiving)


Hi ggc - maybe this?

Hi alexis)

What im looking for is some kind of pro analysis software to measure midi clock timing…

Hopefully, it would come with its own virtual midi ports, so that not much is in the signal chain until it reaches said endpoint…

All of Software | Tobias Erichsen free virtual midi solutions are good and i would probably use those if i had to… But i still need to find a solid measurement tool- preferably plotting the measurement over time (on a chart, linear plot, or other time based representation)

Thanks for the effort though:)

Have a great evening:)

No prob, sorry that wasn’t what you were looking for!

If you run into a dead end … the author of that article (Martin Walker) is probably as well-acquainted with the sort of testing you describe as anyone on the planet, and he is eminently approachable on the SOS forums, even by PM (the forums can be linked to from my previous post).

Good luck!

Thanks for your interrest alexis:)

not sure, but would MIDI-OX not be able to do this??

Hey humpo)

I think the ox only records midi data / sysex but cant actually measure the exactness of a midi clock…
Might have to check it out again though…
Any others?:stuck_out_tongue:

Its the only MIDI utility i know of :frowning:

These guys might have something? Sorry I didn’t look I remembered them from a while when I was looking for something.


There used to be a small Windows utility that you could use to test physical MIDI interfaces for all sorts of timing issues by connecting the input and output together, it was called MIDITest but it seems to have disappeared from the internet.