looking for solutions to Cubase 10 problems

I am having a few issues with Cubase 10. I am hoping you can steer me in the right direction.

  1. When I add a new track at the start of a project (so the track occupies lane 1), for some reason it is not recognising the length of the midi notes on playback and is cutting them short, causing the track to sound more staccato like. This happens regardless of the vst plugin I use. Yet when I export the audio in a mix down, the issue of short notes is not there. How can this be fixed? It does not happen to the same plugins when I use them in Ableton, which means it is a Cubase 10 issue. When I leave track one blank, and write into track 2 or greater, this issue does not occur.

  2. When I import midi into Cubase 10 it does not recognise large gaps of silence, so it segments the midi import, this means I cannot drag the midi important to bar 1. See the attached example

    It should start at bar 9 and 25 respectively. Why does it do this? I need it to start at bar 1 and have silence to the first notes at bar 9 then silence to the notes at bar 25. i.e one continuous mid segment. See attachment

    for how it is importing the midi track and attachment 4 for how it should import the midi track.

  3. It wont let me turn off record enable on track one, when I only want to use record enable on say track 2. This means when I record on track 2, it keeps doubling on track 1. Same when I use a motorised fader.[attachment=0]Cubase 10 midi import goal.JPG


1 and 3 sounds really weird to me. And both linked with Track 1. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode? Is it the same even if you don’t import a MIDI, but add the track?

  1. Are you sure the MIDI has been exported with the gap? How did you export the MIDI files?

Check your controller settings, is it set to All Midi In ?
That could lead to strange things happening.

Thanks Martin.

  1. Cubase Safe Start mode - can’t seem to get this to work, keeps opening a new or other project, cant get the screen that says safe mode.

Should I do a reinstall of Cubase?

  1. I exported the midi from Ableton Live 9, had no gaps in it then. I will check with the midi export preferences in Ableton.


Thanks Peake,

You solved issue 1) and 3) !

I just checked Studio Set up - Mackie Control. I changed Midi Input to All midi inputs and that allowed me to turn off record enabled.

Only issue 2 left, I will check Ableton midi export preferences as this is where I export midi from.

Thanks heaps!