Looking for Sound Tool With Batch Capabilities


I’m looking for a tool on Windows that can batch convert audio files. This is some of what I’m doing:

  • Resampling (48 to 44.1). (RX works for that)
  • Bit conversion 24 to 16 Bit with dithering (RX works for that)
  • Convert an audio file to a specific loudness standard (RX works for that)
  • Sometimes my samples are super short and in order to be able to make a loudness pass, they have to be at least 0.5s long. So I need a function to extend a sample to be at least 0.5s. If it is longer, do not extend anything.

On Mac I use Myriad from Audiofile, it’s great and has tons of functions you can connect together.

Do you know anything of this sort for Windows? What are you using?



Well, I’m looking for a simple utility, not a complete Pro Mastering Suite. Batch processing only comes with the Pro version, which is 579 CHF. Myriad, as a small batch processing and conversion utility is $79. Any other suggestions? :slight_smile:

I think Audacity has some kind of batch processing but I’ve never used it.

Seems I have to keep my handy Mac around for exactly these sort of tools. :slight_smile:

Maybe this will help?