looking for VSTis with russian and slavic sounds

Hi there!
Has someone an idea where to get a “digital” balalika and some other traditional slavic instruments as vsti? I did a google search without really satisfying results. Plus: I’m not very experienced in looking for and choosing additional digital instruments. In fact till now I used only mainstream things like NI, Spectrasonic and Steinberg software.

Any help will be appreciated.


try this one… looks as very good libraries


Hi mozizo,
Thanks for the link. I came across this site yesterday evening. It looks quit good, agreed. My hope was to find someone who has personal experience with this kind of sounds and could give several links to choose from.
Have you used the ilyaefimov stuff? Is it good?


Hi… No experience with it,just remembered this site with good impression of sounds and arrangements of Russian sound design developer.

I have most of Ilya Efimovs’ stuff. I would say his VSTs are excellent. He puts a lot of effort into making sure they’re good quality.
I use some of his things in almost every song I do now.

It’s too bad he doesn’t offer demos though, so you could try some for yourself.

Some of the smaller libraries might not be too useful though. Like I think the Zhaleikas [G & C] have very limited note ranges, IIRC, so I don’t think I’d find a use for those 2, but they’re most likely styled after the authentic instruments, so I would suppose that’s why they’re like that.

Hello jamusic,

thanks for your comment on my question.
On thing ist still left: I have a ~4 years old machine (Quadcore AMD / 8GB RAM). Do these plugins need any special things regarding power or do they run just fine on weaker machines too? What is your experience?
And: Do the need any additional software (NI Player, etc.) or do the run just on their own?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Chris - they’re all designed to be run in Kontakt 4. So as long as your computer can run that, you’ll have no troubles. Some try to use the free Kontakt player, but that won’t be enough.

Thanks. This was the pice of information I needed.

If you don’t have Kontakt, Native Instruments usually has a December sale. Kontakt 5 will run any libraries made for Kontakt 4.

Right now, N I is offering a $25 voucher.
Also, makes sure you look at their cross-grade list for additional discounts, if you decide to go for Kontakt or even something bigger that includes Kontakt in it.