Looking forward to Iconica Ensembles


I’m looking forward to the release of Iconica Ensembles. Especially since Iconica Sections & Players doesn’t offer Full Ensembles. Hopefully it will be released soon.

I already purchased Iconica Sections & Players, and like it a lot, I would also like to see more Scoring Libraries developed by Steinberg, and Steinberg with other developers, i.e. Orchestral Tools, and others to add more Halion based orchestral/scoring libraries. i.e. An Epic Percussion library would be a useful, and great addition, maybe Solo Strings, Chamber Strings, Some more high-quality, detailed Solo Woodwinds, and Brass, …etc.

I would also like to see Halion Sonic be updated to offer fully Resizeable/Scalable GUI. Similar to Halion 6. That would be super cool, and useful.


It also lacks velocity dynamics on Legato and Sustain, That is a real bummer as it forces you to use a fader or mod wheel. The Velocity works great on all patches but NOT on LEGATO or SUSTAIN. Bummerr :cry:
The sections will most likely have all patches dynamics with velocity!! Thus making it useful for 99% of us keyboard players.
I use breath controller on sustain and legato patches to keep Left hand free for playing!

  1. Steinberg SHOULD provide Iconica Orchestral TEMPLATES in Cubase, Nuendo, Dorico, LogicX, MOTU DP For all us people who busted out $$$ for library. Included in purchase in a DEMO section when downloaded. For all to get to work. Highlight real Cubase Orchestral demo with only all Iconica instruments. (Sells Cubase, and Iconica!)

  2. Steinberg Should add Velocity dynamics to to ALL Sustain and Legato patches. This would make Iconic a Necessity and top 10 Must have libraries.

3.Iconica sections should be sold with Dorico 2 as Default library, (Comes with Dorico 2 when purchased) this makes Dorico 2 #1 in Out of the box Film/TV scoring composing software no other company offers such a great platform.

With that said this is truly the first library that i can use out of the box. It takes weeks to perfect your TEMPLATE with Iconica sections but once set up with breath controller and your SEQ format. Then you are set for Dorico and Cubase, etc. IT sounds real! Awesome job!

TEMPLATES ANYBODY? Lets set up a forum for templates for all to enjoy and add termendeus value to Iconica!
People will love it!

Templates for using Iconica in Dorico 2 would be really great! I’ve tried to set something up but couldn’t succeed…
Anybody else working with this combination and willing to share a working setup would be ansolutely great!

Thanks, Thomas