looking into cubase once more but

hey is a user of essential 5
but i see the upgrade to artist 6 as a not good choice
the reason is i use a lot of kontakt4 and other stuff like that
witch mean a huge amount of midi tracks
and the 32 vst instruments limit and 128 midi track don´’t seems like a good option
but is it 128 midi track for 32 vst just in doubt
would love some one to tell me how i should read it :slight_smile:

Keep in mind Kontakt is a multi channel sampler.
So if you load 32 instances of Kontakt in the instrument rack (not instrument channel) you can go over 500 Kontakt instruments.
So I think the amount of midi tracks (128) are the first limit you’ll encouter.

yeah did move my basic template for scoring to cubase and it went smooth and is only doing 60 midi tracks :slight_smile:
and 8 vst :slight_smile: so think that the artist offer is good now i that i actually did a test