Looking to share my project with individual tracks with a friend using cakewalk

Hi I am looking to understand how do I export my project with all individual audio tracks I put down with a friend I am collaborating with who uses cakewalk . We are looking to work on the same project . Thanks

very simple to do via export audio tracks… so you just need to send the wav files back and forth… if you want to clean up your project after a while and only have the files in use I recommend looking in to the “backup to new project”

Cubase Export All Tracks Separately [ Batch Export Stems Tutorial ] - YouTube

The first thing I’d do is export a MIDI file to get all the tempo and marker information, as well as any MIDI data (if applicable), and that would be the first thing to load on the Cakewalk end. As for the audio, if you want to minimize the size of the files being transferred, I’d use broadcast wave file format, since that will keep timestamps of the clips, and Cakewalk can import audio at its timestamps when using BWF.

Preparing the audio side of things for sharing will somewhat depend on the state of your project. In particular, you’ll want to make sure all tracks/audio clips you are transferring are isolated within their audio files, which may not be the case if, for example, you tracked multiple takes the comped from that, thus having not only multiple takes within a single audio file but also only regions of that audio file in any given clip. If you’ve already bounced any comped clips, and don’t have multiple takes from loop recording within a track, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

For a working project, as opposed to just having someone mix a project you’ve already edited, assuming you’ve dealt with any bouncing of the sort mentioned above, I might be inclined to use Cubase’s backup project facility to write the file with all its components to a new directory, including using the setting that includes only the audio that is live in the project, and making sure broadcast wave file format is used. Then you could take that directory plus the MIDI file, dragging individual audio files (make sure they’re named appropriately to be able to figure out what to do with them on the other side) into Cakewalk to get them at their timestamps, then moving them around to the needed tracks if there are separate clips from the same tracks. Frozen audio from instruments and such should also work this way if those are needed.

Alternately, if you’re fairly far along in the project, and can just send final audio tracks (e.g. for mixing), then using the audio export capabilities to export each track separately (with or without processing on it, depending on what your friend will be doing with your data) is probably going to be simpler. You can still use BWF to cut down on the amount of data since not all audio files have to contain everything from the start of the project to the end of the project.

(FWIW, I’ve mostly gone in the other direction, taking old SONAR/Cakewalk projects, and exporting MIDI and audio data to be used in Cubase for remixing older projects. Cubase makes it a little tricker to import the audio at its timestamp, with menu options in the Pool if I remember correctly instead of just doing it by default, but it does work. And the MIDI file part of the process is key to getting tempo maps, markers, and tracks set up.)

For audio only you might be able to use OMF format, but I think the one or two times I tried that may have been less than successful (and I don’t remember why – I haven’t used that format since switching from Cakewalk to Cubase).

Thanks glenn , I forgot to mention I use Cubase LE AI elements 12 and it does not give me the option of single or multiple . How do I do that in this case ?

ah, that version probably doesn’t have that feature then.
Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg

check what the different versions of Cubase have included.

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