Looks amazing! I can't wait to get it!

It looks awesome! I can’t wait until it’s running on my computer!


How can you tell how it looks? C5 is still on the steinberg page.

Is there somewhere can see it that I am missing?

Aloha jbw,
I was looking at the video clips at the Mysteinberg site.


Same here!
After watching all the new C6 videos and reading through some of the new manual, and then opening one of my current C5 projects C5 just feels old and outdated now…

Lol, really? C6 appears mostly the same as C5 to me, just a few tweaks on the edges. Very nice tweaks they are, but still, it seems like a smaller update as far as versions go. The VST expression 2 functionality seems like the coolest thing to me (and that is to say it is indeed very cool).

Yes, mine too! :unamused:

Do you know where can I find it in stock in Europe?

Thanks for the link!