Looks like 7.5.40 is on the way ...

No prob, as I’m still learning my new C7.5.20, the limitations on my music making are more internal than Cubase 7.5.20-based at this time!

The numbering, 7.5.40 caught my eye … will there be a .30 version, or are we an an “even number extension only” track? :smiley:

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I guess there will be another update before that one. That’s why it’s gonna take a while.

Ed, the suspense is killing us. :laughing:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Still there? Just checking… :mrgreen:

That’s mean!

Just toying with us eh?

No probs. We like it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Our studio is having a set of problems slightly different than listed in the video from above at - YouTube however the video processes shown in Gary’s video are indeed not responding.

We’re running Cubase 7.5.2 on a 12 core Intel Xeon E5 2.7 GHz Mac Pro 2013 running Mavericks 10.9.4

64 bit mode usually “unexpectedly quits” between 5 and 7 times before actually launching. Cubase will appear to be loading fine for about 10 seconds then crash. 32 bit mode seems to always launch successfully. Once it launches successfully in 32 or 64 bit mode, our cpu meter in Cubase reads between 40% and 70% regardless of which plug ins we’re using.

Help me 7.5.4, you’re my only hope! @-_-@

7.54 really?

That’s a bit of a break from the current versioning methodology is it not.

Interesting, so how much does it cost to upgrade and what other improvements can an owner of 7.0.7 expect?

If there will be another update before 7.5.40 then that effectively means (in my humble view) that the next whole numbered version would be some time off would it not.

If 7.5.2 delivered new features, can users expect anything new in 7.5.4?

Yes, Less Bugs! :mrgreen:

I don’t believe we can really comment, other than on the hearsay of others, which may be the subject of another post :slight_smile:

I dunno… Going by Stiney history, they seem to fix at least a couple of things with every new release. I think I am spot-on!

New bugs… we will not speak of such things.

Haha throw a goodie in it and call it C7.6 ! :laughing:

I think it is high time we had some new features.

It has been a while since Batch Export was introduced into the full versions of Cubase and Nuendo so to me the next logical step would be to introduce independent naming for exported files (an FTP upload would be nice as well).

SB are always making improvements to workflow in terms of how objects in the project page and other areas function but “core” features only come with major updates or otherwise revisions to the program and while I’d not expect to get the above for free, it would make a future version, hint 8 even more attractive in my view.

Feb 2015!

Well, maybe February 2015 will mean … Monday!


The requested topic does not exist.

Good ol’ CCCP censorship? :mrgreen:

That was a thread where a moderator discussed 7.5.40 coming out this month, that’s what I linked to, above. I’m sure there’s a very reasonable explanation why that post now “does not exist”.

Can a moderator please explain?


Personally, I have no clue why that post doesn’t exist anymore but we still intend to release that update soon.

OK, thanks. Weird how it disappeared, maybe it’s one of the other DAW companies doing iTech sabotage!

Nah, It’s probably Steve in Chicago getting goofy! :laughing: That guy… lemme tell ya!