Looks like I need a new rig.

Hi, Been plagued with drop outs for 2 months now, tried everything under the sun, just done a clean install of W7…then cubase…then Yamaha N8 drivers (both legacy and latest) still dropouts, nothing else on the puter just cubase and Yamaha…so , is it my MB? computer is apparently too old to replace the MB so any advice on a new rig please?
what is the best rig for cubase? is there such a thing?

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Well, I guess the lowest risk option would be to go for a prebuilt system from a audio PC specialist such as Scan 3XS range, it’s clearly going to cost more than building your own PC but all the components they use should be tried and tested in audio applications. https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/custom/daw-digital-audio-workstation-pcs#anc

Thanks…i looked around the net but never came across these peeps…cheers, looks like the best option… :slight_smile:

I am presently using a Surface 4 and it’s glitchy. I want to get a dedicated box and I am definitely not going to build it myself. I’m going to run Cubase Artist 9.5 and probably Komplete 11 ($599 version).

Right now, I’m fine with Windows 10, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD internal and 4 TB external. Are there any other specs I need to pay attention to before I buy a new desktop? (based in California)

anyone like this one??


or this one?


From your specs, you shouldn’t need a new rig…

Win 7 64 pro here
Intel Mobo
Intel I7-3770K
32G Ram
RME soundcards

Are you sure your system is optimized ?

What does DPC Latency checker tell you ?


The first one should be good, but you’ll probably want more than 8 GB of RAM.

If possible I would never buy an off-the-shelf device … too many horror stories of this or that incompatibility that takes a lifetime to troubleshoot, and maybe another to fix.

If I were an expert in building computers, maybe I’d do that. As I’m not, I would always consider a pre-built music computer. I’ve bought two over the years (Carillon c. 2007, and most recently ADK in 2014). Plug in/turn on/make music … and if there are any issues I can just call ADK up for free lifetime support. For goodness’ sake, they even upgraded the W7 they provided me to W10, how wonderful is that?

On the other side of the pond, I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about Scan. The owner/operator Pete Kaine is very active on the soundonsound.com forums, I’d head over there and ask for specs, etc.

your probably right my friend but for a month or so now I’ve had to deal with serious audio drop outs…tried everything to no avail, (including clean re install of windows 7) latency checker tells me everything is fine :confused: so thinking it’s my MOBO, I’ve been told by my local shop it’s not poss to replace it because my puter is too old…it’s about 7 years old…

cheers :slight_smile:

UPDATE: my nephew came over for his first guitar lesson and I gave him a guitar amp, full set up. He happens to be an electrical engineer and hes going to build me a computer. I can see 16 GB ram, but is 32 GB really necessary for Cubase and Komplete? Of course we’ll go with i7 3.0 and 256 SSD partnered with a 4 TB extenal storage. We will have multiple audio outputs, digital, RCA, miniplug and USB. Am I missing anything?