Loop and SounBrowser don't open when I hit F6/F7 on mac osx


I have 2 computers, late 2009 macbook pro with Mac osc 10.6 and a 2008 Mac Pro 8-core that used to have 10.5 until last week, now upldated to 10.6.
I’m running the latest version of Cubase 5.5 on both computer but on the macbook pro everything seems to work perfectly, while on the Mac Pro since I installed mac osx 10.6 last week, when using cubase I just can’t open both the Loop browser or the Sound browser when I hit F6 or F7, so I’m forced to access them by the media menu, and when I open the media menu the two short cuts are not shown beside the two.
Also, what makes it more strange is that Media bay works perfeclty when I hit F5 and if I open the media menu it regularly shows “Media Bay F5”.

Does any body know the reason for this?

p.s.: also, still on the Mac pro when trying to listen to some vst preset within the Sound Browser, i got a message that required me to insert the mac osx installation cd and install Rosetta


strange… I don’t know if that helps:
The window behaviour in Cubase is sometimes strange. even if you open new windows, it may be that they open but hidden behind already open ones.
Try to close all existing windows (or minimize them) before you open the SoundBrowser. This may help.



I tried but it just doesn’t work.
Also it’s very strange that when I open the media menu I can’t see the shortcuts beside the commands…