Loop Browser and Midi

I have a few questions regarding the loop browser. I am newbe with Cubase and have looked at the manual and did some searches but still have some questions. Is there a way within the Loop Browser to preview mid/midi loops by assigning the preview to an existing midi track?

Is there a way within the Loop Browser or for that matter, Windows Explorer, bring in multiple selected midi loops into a single track consecutively. For example, I want to grab a dozen loops, drag them to the track and have them appear one after the other.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I am surprised this process would not be a common need.

I would use MediaBay instead. You can hide Define Locations after adding them, then set the Select Media Types to MIDI File and/or MIDI Loops depending…

As you probably know, clicking on a file in the Results window activates the Previewer. You can assign the output to any active VST instrument in the project in via Select MIDI Output. Any effects on the instrument track will be heard as the MIDI file plays in Previewer.

Hope this helps.

If it is midiloop files in particular he is wanting to play through an instrument on his track then using MediaBay won’t help. Just like in the Loop Browser those files are tied to a specific instrument preset. If there were considerably more of these files I think it would definitely be nice to be able to preview them on your own instruments, but considering how few there are I don’t think it would be worth the development time to add this functionality.


I just checked and you’re right. The factory VST Sound loops are tied to specific instrument presets.

But, in the case of third party MIDI drum loops (which is what I use), they can be previewed in MediaBay through any instrument track.

It would be nice to have a more flexible preview option for the factory sounds.


Hello ,

stuck in loop browser settings, when i play a file but there is no sound … ?? any one can solve this issue ?