Loop Browser Not Playing Through My Headphones


I can listen to my project in both my studio monitors and my headphones. However, I cannot preview files from within the loop browser in my headphone; it will only playback through my monitors.

In a possibly related matter, I cannot listen to an audio track in the sample editor window, when the solo button is enabled.

Does anyone have any idea why this would occur?


No one has any ideas?

I do…
Unfortunately I do not have any idea on what soundcard you are using? Control room activated? Separate phones channel in control room? Or phones routing via soundcard mixer…?
Unfortunately I don´t like guessing too much, and obviously you don´t like giving feedback on received answers too much…

Or maybe you simply don´t read them…!?

Oh man…I’m sorry. I don’t know how that slipped by. I appreciate the response.

Soundcard: motu 8pre
Control room activated - monitor and headphone

So I can monitor from my headphones and studio speakers fine. It’s when I need to preview something within a window where I cannot hear through my headphones only (I can preview through my speakers).

Specifically, in the sample editor I’m working with the VariAudio. When I click on a note I can hear the pitch through the studio speaker, but not my headphones.

Same thing in the Loop Browser. I can preview a loop with my studio speakers, but cannot hear the preview through my headphones.

Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks again!

So that means, you have created a headphone cchannel in your Studio tab of the VST connections, and it is routed to your MOTU´s Headphones output directly…?
If so, then you should set the preferences I mentioned in your other thread already. Activating “Use phones channel for preview” will send preview audio such as variaudio and mediabay / loopbrowswer preview to the control room phones channel.
Though you then won´t be able to hear it via your monitor outs anymore. Though you can put this prefernce to a key command to switch fastly between the two.

That’s was it. I’ve already setup the keycom. Thanks for your help!