Loop browser problem

Hi there everybody! :slight_smile:

I use samples from the loop browser every now and then, but now all of a sudden all I see is either “VST-patterns”, or stuff from Groove Agent… Can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. When I choose “all media” I get every audio file that is on my entire hard disc… I want the old Cubase samples back! :cry:

It’s probably an easy fix, so sorry if this is a stupid question! :slight_smile:

No one with any help?

WOow, alot of help here on the forums…

So what exactly are you missing? Is show deep results activated?

BTW, did you ever get drag and drop or Addictive drums to work?

I did not get Addictive drums to work… Still have to run it as administrator… :unamused:

Where do I find “deep results”…
I’m missing ALL samples in the loop browser… Only thing showing is Patterns from Groove Agent.

Do you have this set to “All Media Types”?

I hope you can see this alright. This is the only thing I know that could be ignoring your loops’ file locations. I might also do a scan in Mediabay. :wink:
Loop Browser.jpg