Loop import

As a new arrival to cubasis and iPad music making I’m really struggling to work out how I add my own library of drum loops, I also have a lot of sampled instruments I’d like to add, but will get to that later. I’ve used logic on mac for years, so have a lot I’d like to keep before I sell the iMac and exclusive use the iPad Pro

Any advice gratefully received, and if anyone is interested in a highly speced iMac with logic x and lots of,other goodies on, let me know and we can chat

Hi Bearguitars,

Cubasis offers various ways to import audio files such as AudioPaste, iTunes, iCloud or Dropbox.
It is also possible to use iTunes File Sharing on the Mac to directly transfer the files from the Mac into Cubasis.

Please have a look at the MediaBay chapter in the in-app help to learn more how to import files.

Hope that helps.