Loop Mash 2 Tutorial

Just upgraded to C6 from C4 and had a question about Loop Mash 2.

Searched thru the manual and and the included tutorial DVD but there isn’t much about how to use Loop Mash 2. Is there another .pdf or good instructions on how to use this app? I’ve searched YouTube but the tutorials are not very detailed as to how to chop effects etc.

So far I’m liking C6!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Bryon,
The Streamworks Audio advnced tutorials have go into depth about Loopmash 2 and include some free support materials as well.

Check out this post: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3788



Thanks for the info Walter. I checked out the video tutorials and it looks good. I’ll definitely pick up the video for the other topics also.

But just curious if there’s any .pdf documentation on Loopmash?


It is on Page 82 of “Plug-in Reference.pdf” that is in the “documentation” folder.

Ah, I was looking in the Operation Manual.

Just ordered the Advanced Tutorial also!