Loop Mash - how to lock up performance controls

Long standing bug here which I thought I’d check if it’s been fixed but it hasn’t.

Load up the instrument version of Loopmash, get something playing, go to the Performance Controls, select a control with the left mouse button and with the left button still held down, press the right mouse button. Release both buttons.

Net result is the control gets locked and it’s impossible to unlock it short of reloading the instrument.

I hope that’s not “as designed” and me not reading the manual correctly!

I’ve not encountered this but can’t think of why I’d find myself using an odd mouse move like that – both buttons held down? Does it “lock” the control “on” but will it turn it “off” if you repreat the double-press and release?

Sounds odd.


I’m sorry, I cannot reproduce this on Mac. Are you on Mac or Windows?

I’m on Windows 7 x64 and Cubase 64bit latest versions of 7 and 8. I haven’t checked AOT status and whether that affects it or not but I suspect it’s Windows only.

@Stephen57 - it was an accident, I relaxed my right hand too much and pressed both buttons. Then I found the control was locked and I couldn’t undo it.

Well, that is something to look at and watch for. If it happens to me I’ll post here. Mostly I’m using Loop Mash with the controller keyboard and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve just started using Loop Mash with multi outs. It’s a very cool thing.

Take care. :slight_smile: