"Loop" object function

It would be great to be able to highlight a midi or audio object, and activate “loop” on it which will duplicate the object until the end of the project, or until another midi or audio object appears on that track in the timeline. Right now, you have to hit repeat and create copies or aliases, but it takes a few steps and also you have to count how many copies to make if you want the object to loop a certain number of times until the next object appears on that track. Logic has this function and it makes things much faster and easier when writing/arranging.

+1 a midi or audio event should have a loop attribute (on off) it makes things much faster to just make things fast most of the times.

i opened also this: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=228&t=74067

+1 sure why not


…with the option to loop bars or just a segment of a bar - say the first six notes (if MIDI). This is an easy way to experiment with thematic material and create poly-rhythms without the commitment of copy paste/ghost copies. This could be applied either to a selected part(s) or a track parameter function.