Loop Playback in Dorico

Having “Loop Playback” in the next iteration of Dorico will enhance the workflow of so many composers. It’s a necessary tool when working out ideas and variations on top of what has already been notated. We need to be able to set a marker region within the score and have it loop for however long we need it to while creating new parts. It’s annoying having to constantly scroll back to where we want the score to playback from while working out our ideas.


been asking that for a while too, with the possibility of accelerating/decelerating the bpm by a fixed bpm count or percentage every X loop cycles until a set limit ; we’ve had that for a couple of decades in Guitar Pro and it’s so much useful for the reasons you mentionned but as well just for practising some sections when you’re a multi-instrumentalist, I keep on hoping every update that it’s gonna come haha

There are so many threads about this - do we really have to have another one?


It’s worth searching the forum before posting using the very powerful built in search engine. There are dozens and dozens of requests for this sort of feature. Adding yet one more won’t accelerate anything I don’t think. It has been pointed out many times that this is hard, and different to DAWs, because DAWs have the MIDI directly available whereas Dorico has to generate it on the fly, a much more difficult proposition for looping functionality. But I am only repeating what has been given here in other topics.


Thank you for sharing your feedback, @KYRRHOF . The Dorico team is aware that loop playback is a feature a number of users would like to see, and it’s something they plan to implement at some point in the future (although they never promise timelines for features).

In the meantime, here are some alternative methods for starting playback, in case you’ve not come across them – Shift-Space to start playback from the previous start position (ie “go again from the same place as before”) might be of particular use to you?

And a gentle reminder to forum users that Daniel recently expressed a preference for hearing the same idea twice, rather than risk not hearing it at all. If you’re familiar with previous discussions on a topic, it’s helpful and encouraging to share a link to one of those discussions with the latest poster.


Where twice means twenty times. :slight_smile:

I didn’t include links because there are so many in this case.


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Rude and condescending.


Thank you Lillie! The alternative methods are new to me. Thank you for sharing that.

It’s unfortunate, but some people are wired with an extreme lack of compassion and respect for others.

Voilà mon alternative pour la lecture en boucle
1. Mettre des barres de reprise comme marqueur de début/fin
– > option [jouer nfois] mettre" beaucoup"
2. Sélectionner la boucle choisie (surligner)
3. Touche [P ] met la tête de lecture au début de la sélection
4. Barre espace pour lecture arrêt/Marche
J’espère que cela aidera :sunglasses:
Je pense qu’un fonction “boucle” serait faisable

  1. appuyer sur le bouton boucle
  2. sélectionner les mesures souhaitées
  3. la fonction mets les marqueurs début et fin
  4. la barre espace fait marche /arrêt
  5. la lecture se fait en boucle “sans fin” (sauf arrêt avec la barre espace
    Un grand MERCI d’avance aux programmeur :wink:

Seems there are indeed threads going back a few years on this subject but still no progress.
For me personally, being a violinist, I need to loop-repeat a section for practice.
As I have a violin in one hand and a bow in the other, it is impractical to keep restarting playback. I need it to play on an endless loop.
first off I brought up the transport window as that’s where it normally lives in all other playback engines - including Steinberg’s own Cubase DAW!
Currently, I have to export the piece to audio, load it in my DAW and loop from there.


You currently can’t have an endless loop, but it’s pretty simple to set up a repeat that will play a passage 50x. It only takes about 7 seconds in the gif below:


Just Ctrl+Z a couple of times to undo after. It’s so fast that it doesn’t really bother me to have to do it when needed. The really interesting Loop feature would be one that could record multiple passes, like Loop Record and Playlists in Pro Tools, but obviously that would require some completely different functionality than what is currently available in Dorico.


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