Loop playback

I don’t think the capability is underestimated. Rather the question is one of trade-offs and priorities (including difficulty of implementation).

in other thread, Daniel has said it will come in due course. That’s good enough for me as of course there are indeed other much requested features as well.

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Daniel, For us drum teachers, we have to turn to other tools like Musink, Groove Scribe, etc, so our students can practice with loops. With groove scribe we can set Auto SpeedUp BPM per minute. It’s a killer app right there. But these app have plenty limitations compared to Dorico. My students need to play along with repeated beats/sections, etc. We use Amazing Slowdowner and Groove Scribe. But, I’m telling you, I’d much rather be doing it in my Dorico environment to help me improve my Dorico muscle memory, and also to make videos with Dorico at the bottom of the screen :(. The capacity to click on a beginning note then an ending note and set that section to loop would be frankly: thrilling for us youtube/zoom drum teachers! We could do a Dorico overlay, set to loop, or play a full score, put the music all on one line and let it flow by at the bottom of our video. AWESOME!!!

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Thanks for your feedback, Ned :slight_smile: This is definitely on our wish list for future versions.