Loop playback

Hi, I’m new to Dorico and I’ve just bought Dorico Elements3. Was wondering how can I make looped playback without having to make repeat bar lines on the score? I want to be able to select a few bars and just repeat that few plays in the playback. Is this achievable?

Nope. It’s (relatively) frequently requested but as yet there’s no functionality for looping playback.

hi since you are here, may I know how do I create a single multi-rests bar in Dorico?

You might be able to simulate looping with 1,2, or 4-measure repeat regions.

When I practice a piece, I would like the following loop features: (1) loop beginning measure number, loop ending measure number; (2) number of times the piece loops – infinite loop or specific number of loops; (3) set the starting loop metronome speed and ending metronome speed; (4) the ability to increase the metronome speed automatically after each loop by a set increment metronome speed (e.g., 3 bpm) from the starting metronome speed to the ending metronome speed (and/or set a specific number of loops before the metronome speed increments). These features would be very helpful. Thanks.