Loop portion of audio/midi event independently of project cycle

currently I if I adjust the cycle marker in the midi or audio editor it adjust the cycle marker for the project window as well. Is there a way to loop a part of a event independently if the project cycle?


In the Key Editor or Audio Sample editor, you can enable the Independent Track Loop option. Then you can set the independent loop there.

awesome thanks!~

Is there a way so that when looped the midi event represents the material being looped? In example below the midi event in the project window only shows the midi info the first time played, and the remained of the midi event does not show the material as its being looped


Do I understand you right, you want to see the MIDI Notes of the individual loop in the Key Editor, so it doesn’t switch to other page? Then disable the Auto Scroll (“F” Key Command) in the Key Editor, please.

maybe this will be park of the same issue, but now I am also realizing that the parts that have independent track loop enabled continue to play infinitely beyond any region where there is midi event in the timeline .

Thanks but i want to see it in the arrangement. Currently in the arrangement you only see the first events and not all the subsequent repeats of the loop. If the arrangement view was reflecting the looping you wound see the MIDI every 2 bars as the length of the loop is 2 bars.

In the key editor you already see the playback looping.


You cannot see it, you can only hear it.

If you want to see it, you have to Duplicate [Ctrl/cmd+D] or Repeat [Ctrl/Cmd+K and type the number of repeats] the event.

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