Loop Sample Editor playback please


I know everyone wants desktop level augmentations to Cubasis … automation, time stretching, and so on … But there’s still a lot of really basic tweaks that are needed IMO.

One of these is the ability to loop playback between the trim handles in the sample editor and move them in real time to perfect a loop.


Agreed, +1 … etc.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference.

My wish for sometime early in 2014:

Your request - looping sample editor.
Solo/Mute logic that works as it should.
Return to start on stop option.
Able to edit velocity and hear changes while looping a midi clip.
Using the Piano in piano roll editor to select all notes of one pitch.[/list]

Edit: and of course the fixing of the sustain pedal issue for all you keyboardists out there

I’m sure IAA will improve once Apple sorts their issues out.

I don’t mind at all if automation is put on the back burner. (Time stretching would be nice though :wink: )
Just my 2 cents.

Also, unless I can’t see how to do it, the ability to save midi clips in a project to the My Midi files in Media Bay.
If this can be done, could someone please tell me how. thanks.

And an internal drumbox (like beatmaker)…
And Sidechain !!! :slight_smile:

+100 for some help programming ( not playing pads ) drum rhythms( especially with MIDI sync output so flakey) and the Return to start on Stop! That drives me mad… and surely is almost insignificant to implement?

SB please make usability features your priority before attempting to recrete Cubase itself. I’m sure that will come in time anyway!