Loop Selected Clip

Hi All,

I’m having a problem looping a clip, this will probably one of those Duh moments.

What I’m doing now.
Click on the clip and then hit Alt + Spacebar and the play head starts playing from the begging of the clip, this is what I want it to do BUT to keep looping until I hit the Spacebar again to stop. Instead the Play head stops at the end of the clip and have to keep hitting Alt + Spacebar to start it playing again.

And does anyone know if there is a shortcut key for the above mentioned that will just play the selected clip and loop it without having to click the solo button. Samplitude does both of these things but that’s for another story.

Thank you

select clip and press "p"the clip will loop if you press “/” too.
press “1” on the number keyboard and it will bring you to the beginning of the loop, or press “2” to jump to the end

Thank You Bertisevil66,

I found the “Audition Loop” that is in the loop editor but not exactly what I was looking for. So I set the preference to activate Solo when the track is clicked and the Solo button clicked by me the first time, then I click on the loop I want to hear and press Alt + Spacebar or the L key and I can quickly move though the project and then hit the P key and then tap the Spacebar twice to restart playing, otherwise the play head will stop at the end of the clip and not loop. It seems pretty fast but would be faster IMO if I just clicked on the clip and hit Alt + Spacebar and the clip would loop until I hit the spacebar again to stop, this coupled with the activate Solo when the track is clicked would work out great. I will try working like this and see if I get used to it, maybe it is all I need.