Loop start from within a selection

Is there anyway to make a selection in the sample editor, have it set to loop and select a point within the selection to play from instead of from the beginning of the selection every time? Sometimes I may select a section of audio and I just want to see how the selection sounds at the end of it as it’s looping back to the beginning. Cubase has been the only DAW I’ve used that has made this impossible. If I click to move the courser in the timeline it will start from that point but it doesn’t follow the looping button. This has been driving me crazy since day one of using Cubase so I just have to ask if there’s a work around of some sort for this


There is a Preferences > Transport > Return to Start Poition on Stop. This is disabled by default (in Cubase; enabled in Nuendo). Once you enable it, the cursor will jump to the same position, where the playback starts. Then you can start the playback again immediately, from the very same position as before.

Thanks, this has just provided an invaluable workaround for a question I’ve just asked in another thread! Basically I just need to click at the start of the looped section once I’ve first set it up, and then every time I press play until I start it from somewhere else, it will work the way that I want. Awesome!

This doesn’t seem to have any affect on the sample editor. Once a section of audio is selected in the sample editor it always plays back from the start of the selection it seems. If you manually move the courser to play back from a different point then the selection will not loop even though loop mode is turned on.

Tried converting the audio to a event to use the Part editor but it seems to function the same as the sample editor for this function. It either starts from a different point and not loop the selection or starts from the beginning and loops the selection. I want to start from a different point and continue to loop.

Why don’t you just copy and paste the loop multiple times where you need it? That’s how I work. I never use loops like that. I treat them as if it was audio I recorded.

If you treat Cubase more like a tape recorder, it’s easier to do most things.

I just don’t think you understand what it is i’m trying to do. I have a song that i’m trying to take a section out of and create a loop for that section. I open the audio in the sample editor and find the selection. I want to make sure that the end of the section properly loops back into the beginning without popping/clicks etc so I just want to be able to select my portion of audio and play it near the end to hear it go back to the beginning before I create a region out of it.

Trying to help here so sorry if this comes across wrong :wink:

So you’ve selected an audio event on the main screen, right, and double clicked it/pressed “Enter” and it’s opened up in the sample editor?

Then you want to loop a certain section of it so you can hear how it sounds when the end goes back to the beginning?

If you follow the advice above that Martin.Jirsak gave, wherever you double-clicked on the ruler to start play from, that’s where the playback will start from when you press the spacebar to play again, so maybe turn that option back off again if that’s causing you a problem?

You’ll always have to manually choose where you want the playback to start from unless you keep that option enabled and make sure you double click at the start of the option. I’ve done a screenshot - like in that example, if you want to start from bar 27 you’ll just need to keep manually clicking from there, or, like DavidRavenMoon says, put another copy of the same audio loop to the right of it which will give you the same effect.

With regards to the popping sound when it loops back - I think that’s normal unfortunately, I don’t know any way round that but maybe someone else can help? You get the same sound when you’ve cut a section of audio, maybe you can zoom in more and edit it out but I’m pretty bad at that myself so I can’t help :wink:

If I’m missing the point of what you’re trying to do, please tell me, I’ve got all day :wink:
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.33.16.png

I do understand, because I loop sections too. But I created them as measures, as you would in any song. Then I select say those two or four bars, copy and paste them as many times as I need that section to repeat.

If you are working with audio you didn’t create (or it wasn’t created in tempo with measures) you can edit that in the sample editor to get a clean loop point.

Looping audio is sometimes tricky.

No no no. In your picture you haven’t made a selection within the audio or have the loop feature enabled. I’m trying to do what you said as far as open the sample editor but I’m trying to actually take a selection of audio within the editor. I want to create a loop from a selection of that audio. I know how to prevent popping (it is not inherit). I just have to make sure to get the point at the exact time to get it right (This is why I use the sample editor. It has fine tooth zooming with a zero point crossing option). After I make my selection and test with the loop back function if I move the playback courser to a new spot it will not loop at all evenr though the Loop option is enabled (next to the audition button). If I have the option to play back from where it stops in the transport option enabled it seems to have no affect on a selection within the sample editor itself. Does this make sense now?

I’m trying to do the later. I’ve been talking about the sample editor from the very first post. I’m trying to select something within the sample editor and start the loop back of the selection I made from a different point other than the very beginning and have it loop.

Ahhhhhh I get you! I get the same thing, it seems like when you press the audition button, it automatically starts from the beginning of the selected range, then when you double click in the ruler to play, it doesn’t loop back - I got you :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea if you can change that in the settings, but I’ve zoomed in as far as possible with the sample editor, It’s still possible to take off snap and use the left and right locators with enough precision to loop as normal though right?

I’ve off-set the loop section on purpose so you can see that I understand what you’re asking now (:D) and so you can see the range is selected and the loop next to it, it’s easy to line those up :wink:
Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.55.54.png

I’m glad at least someone understands what i’m talking about lol.

I’m trying to do very precise cuts to avoid the popping and other issues that can come from creating loops out of audio content. That’s the reason I was using the sample editor instead of the project window itself to try to cut audio.

So ugh… No fix for this lol?