Loop tweaker and crossfade

I don’t get how crossfade is supposed to work in the loop tweaker.

First of all, is the “Apply” button only intended for crossfades? It does not look that way.

Do I always need to click “Apply” to hear the result of a crossfade or is there a preview somehow?

Thing is, I often find that if I undo after “Apply” I don’t end up at the action right before “Apply” but earlier, meaning I lose the last loop point adjustment made just prior to applying crossfade.

I can’t make sense of how this is supposed to work.

Wavelab elements 10.

yes, this is necessary.

This dialog is special in the sense, you don’t need to call undo. Re-applying does an undo behind the scene.

Seems like that’s incorrect. If I click “Apply” on a long (many %) crossfade, then change my mind and change to 0%, the initial long crossfade is still there, “Apply” does not revert.

Pink noise and linear crossfade is very revealing to try this since that produces a dip.

Seems to me like the problem here is that undo skips many steps backward in the Tweaker. So in a realistic workflow tweaking a loop and using crossfade I would probably:

  1. Adjust the loop points (first tab in Tweaker)
  2. Adjust the crossfade (second tab)

If i undo the crossfade, the loop points gets unone also! That’s not desirable. I don’t understand why that is. If I adjust loop points outside the Tweaker window that does not happen but that’s less useful, harder to adjust.

WORKAROUND: I must always save my loop points using the Temporary Memories buttons in the Tweaker before using crossfade and then I can undo only the crossfade by:

  1. Undo
  2. Go to Point adjustment tab
  3. Recall loop point adjustment
  4. Go to crossfade tab
  5. Try again
    Not a very practical workflow but the best I can come up with at the moment.

Another workaround seems to be to “do something else” after adjusting loop points before adjusting crossfade, then the loop points will not be included in undo for crossfade… :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the details. This case will be examined in the future.

Great, I definitely think there’s room for improvement here. :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, Equal Power Crossfades in loop editing (which de Tweaker can produce) is actually hard to find in loop editors for Mac. I have no idea why, since it should be standard. Wavelab is a very valuable discovery for me in that sense.

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