Loop Tweaker causes loop playback to ignore loop points

I’ve made a video that shows what I mean and how it happens, here:

Edit 1: I apologize if this report is redundant. Was on WaveLab 10.0.10 at the time of this post. Just upgraded to 10.0.20. Maybe “PAR-4053 Loop-playback now works reliable” fixed this? (I’ll report back if the issue in my video occurs again.)
Edit 2: Changed video link.

Sort of unrelated, but this happens to me even without loop tweaker in 10.0.20 (97) in both Wavelab Pro and Elements on macOS. Loop markers are completely ignored. Works fine in 9.5 Tried reformatting my hard drive and doing fresh install of 10.0.20 (97), same problem. (and 9.5 still works fine)

This will be fixed in 10.0.30

Hi! Do you use WL Pro 10 for Mac? I have the same and other problems as well.

I recently bought WaveLab Pro 10 for the Mac and have not been able to use it since I only have problems with loops and the Loop Tweaker. Version 10.0.30 is already installed. The bugs only seem to exist on the Mac version! I made 2 videos, which you can download here:

Can you reproduce the following problems?

To video 1:

  1. Despite the activated loop function (at the bottom of the transport bar), the cursor still passes through the right marker instead of looping there.

  2. I now activate the “Region between marker pairs” function under “Play audio range” (right click on it) so that the loop works in the first place.

  3. If I now move the right marker in the Loop Tweaker, it now changes position, which did not work in version 10.0.20, but has now been fixed with 10.0.30 (PAR-4124). It’s good for now.

  4. But: If I stop the loop and start it again, the old area will be looped again before I have moved the right marker. The cursor simply goes through the marker and loops at the point where the marker was previously.

    Video 2 (Steinberg has already reproduced these two bugs, so a fix can be expected for this):

  5. Dragging the waveform in the Loop Tweaker is not possible. The markers move, but the view of the waveform remains.

  6. Loop Tweaker Finetuning arrow: If I click on this, the position of the marker changes, but the view of the waveform remains.

By the way: I also installed WaveLab Elements 9.5. and it’s running smoothly with it.

Thanks for your report. I will check it.

I just started to use Wavelab 10 (latest Mac version) and it ignores loop points still in playback. If I i don’t highlight the loop area it will loop the whole file intead.

Also, if I edit the loop points somehow, either directly or in Loop Tweaker it won’t play the loop until i reselect it by doubleklicking. As long as I don’t reselect it plays the selection from previous double click.

So every change also needs a double cklick to work interactively with the loop tweaking. Not so great.

Did you select this?

No I didn’t!
So, there’s a menu hidden there? I looked all over the place in settings.
Now that’s much better, great looping tool now. Perfect!

Thank you.

Right click on the button.