Loopback does not work on IOS - V1.5

Hi. Last week I purchased a UR44C on the back of the various Steinberg videos explaining the IOS streaming merits. When selecting any loopback option, the streamed result is dry. I select the loopback dropdown. 1|690x388
I then select ‘Live Cast’. The Live Cast option remains white (not green).

Whatever I do, I cannot select it so that it remains green (active?). I hear the reverb in my headphones when monitoring. However, when I go live, the end product is just dry. In fact it sounds like the streamed audio is taken from my iPhone microphone.
For info, I have no problem when using the PC version of dspMixFx (V1.5). I am on firmware version V1.5. I am using the dspMixFx UR-C V1.5.0 app on an iPhone 5 SE (supported according to the Steinberg compatibility list). Both iPhone and UR44C are plugged into mains electricity. I am using the latest genuine Apple Camera Connection Kit. I am using the USB lead supplied with the UR44C. So, all connected according to instructions. I understand that when plugged in, that the iPhone automatically switches to the UR device. In any case, there appears to be no setting in IOS versions of Facebook or Instagram to allow me to make a device selection. and the official Steinberg videos suggest you just plug and go. No mention of FB/Instagram settings changes to be made.
When I record a video straight to my phone, loopback works as expected (wet when enabled, dry when disabled).
Can anyone help please? Is this a bug since the IOS app update? I was too late to try it on the earlier version app so I do not know if it would have worked then or not. Has anyone on here had success with the previous version and an iPhone, then encountered an issue when updating to IOS V1.5 perhaps? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Hi @Miztone , have you found a solution?
Have you tried plug the usb /kill the app/ turn on the interface in various order because it may be related with something like this.
Can I ask you if when recording wet signal from the dspMixFx using the original iOS camera app let you record a video more than two tracks (6?) mixed down as the stereo you could preview with your mix headphones ? I never managed to make this work, or the input were dry and split left right for channel 1 and 2 and other input won’t work.

Hi @luapmartin. Thanks for the message. Yes, all of the above has been tried. I also raised a support ticket. Unfortunately, they have just responded, assuming I am having trouble with streaming via my PC/Mac. I clearly stated the issue I am having relates to streaming directly from my iPhone. I have reopened the ticket and am waiting another response. If I get a solution, I will let you know. Can I just ask, what version phone are you using when attempting this? All the best. Graham.

Hi @Miztone do you receive any update, I will again be able to make test those days, I have iPhone 11 and iPad 6th gen.