Loopback Function

The loop function works perfectly in standalone mode in SpectraLayers Pro 8. But in ARA mode in Cubase Pro 11, playback starts at the beginning of the loop and continues beyond the selection; looping is not done. On the other hand, if I select the Playback tool and I click at the beginning of the selection while keeping the left button of my mouse pressed to play, the playback is done in a loop but I have no sound! I wonder about this strange behavior…

Is this a critical flaw, or can you make do with loopback in SL8’s standalone or aux-editor mode?

I don’t use aux-editor much for now and why should I quit Cubase and go in standalone mode to have that function working? It doesn’t have much sense to me. It should simply work well in ARA mode in Cubase as it is offered by the program.

I can add to this. I’m getting the same problem (at least the first part of it): in Cubase Looped Playback doesn’t work when you hit space (yes, I did check ‘Loop Selection’ was ticked).

Using the Playback Tool: if I click no matter how far to the left of the selection there’s a pre-roll of a couple of seconds before you hear the loop cycle. You can actually see the cursor move. If I click anywhere to the right there is no pre-roll. This happens in both the standalone and ARA versions.

I’m with Joss. Why should I have to swap between the two? Especially as I haven’t yet found how to import standalone changes into ARA. Is that even possible?

Robin, maître es SpectraLayers, serait-il possible pour vous d’intervenir et de réagir sur cette question? :saluting_face:

Maybe he doesn’t speak French… :wink:

I’m posting because I’ve just discovered that if you select an area to loop and start playback by double-clicking anywhere in the ruler then looping works, subject to the same pre-roll behaviour you get with the playback tool (see a couple of posts back). Oddly, though, hitting space to stop triggers normal playback, complete with pre-roll, and ignores the loop. Then you can stop it.

Robin Lobel is French and is a long time developer SpectraLayers.

Robin, has a trajectory of coming to check and answer this forum questions and ideas cyclically.
Give it some time and he will come around.
The most likely we get his attention is in the months next to a new version release, when most of the debugging and customer feedback is taken. Later on, he appears to visit less frequently, though some times questions here get his response.
It is understandable, he does research and innovation and such needs concentration.

All in all, I am happy to have the actual main developer attention and responses here. He takes some ideas, feedback and definitely cares for bugs fixing. So knowing about the developer’s time frames and participating in accordance, improves the results of this channel, which benefits us all.

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Haha, you know my pattern :slight_smile:
NB: if you want my immediate attention on a topic, tag me like this: @Robin_Lobel - this way I get an email notification about it.
To clarify a bit the playback behavior:
-The spacebar is forwarded to Cubase, and Cubase is then in charge of playback. If there’s a loop region in Cubase, it will be used. However if there’s a loop region in SpectraLayers, Cubase cannot be made aware of it (the ARA protocol does not allow to send loop regions from the plugin to the host).
-The Playback tool in SpectraLayers (last in the tools list) can be used to playback SpectraLayers loop regions. However this tool won’t play audio clips in Cubase that have not been added to SpectraLayers, it will only play SpectraLayers layers. It will also not move Cubase playhead.

Let me know if that answer the question or if I missed a use case.