Loopback in AXR4U

Hello people, I am interested in this great professional interface, I consider it the best, all-in-one, for live and studio production.
I only have the doubt, if this product has Lookback technology support, I have not found it on the page and in support.

Does the AXR4U interface have Loopback?

My cordial greetings.

Yes, there is a loopback option in the mixer.

Thank you DJ Synchro!
Now I am ready to buy it!

How does it work? I am enabling it on outputs 1/2 (my PC audio) but I don’t see where or how to then record it.

Same issue here. It’s a $3000 interface that can’t get the most simple most used feature out there!
After spending hour and hour with top tech support at Steinberg, they still couldn’t make Loopback work and said that this should be in their next update (that was 4 months ago!)

A workaround: I send the output of my computer to and physicals patchbay and then loop it back into the the AXR and record it.

STEINBERG: Please update this interface, we paid top dollar for it!

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The LOOPBACK feature has been available on the AXR4 since it was released.

I haven’t met even one person including 4 people at Steinberg support that could make it work in Cubase. Do you know how to just record anything from let’s say Spotify or YouTube into Cubase using loopback?

Set the interface as default playback device. At least that’s how I do it with UR44C.

Have you selected the 2TR Asio driver?
I use that (method 1) re loopback as well as old school (method 2) of linking outputs to inputs in the hardware, so two ways depending on objectives.


It depends on what OS you are in. If it’s on macOS, you need to additionally select the “Steinberg AXR4 2TR” as the ASIO driver in your DAW. On Windows 10/macOS, make sure to have the corresponding LOOPBACK buttons turned on in the dspMixFx AXR Application.

Anyone having problems with AXR4U on Cubase 11 with Big Sur?