Loopback to OBS

Hello :grinning:
Been trying out the loopback feature in my new Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd gen,now its fine in Cubase,recording into itself.
But cannot seem to get OBS to pick up the audio from Cubase
I have had major issues with Reastream,and problems with using Voicemeter
Any help would be appreciated

Not sure I understand correctly your question but if your goal is to have the Cubase Output into OBS I managed to do this with OBS-ASIO

It is a tiny bit finnicky to make it work but at the end works great and you do not need voicemeeter at all.

There are several tutorial on YT of search for β€œOBS ASIO”.
I have a Terratek DMX6 Fire USB and for example I have it setup like this

on the other side in Cubase I use the same driver inthe Studio page and it routes everything i do in Cubase into OBS.

Hope it helps!

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Windows only