Looper mode


It would be nice to have some sort of looper mode.


-Press rec with controller etc. when looper mode is active.
(loopermode also provides options like silent pre-roll of choice in beats and bars before active)

  • Play some notes to record.

  • Press rec again so that the loop with the content is placed in the timeline. ( Cubase will automatically set the loop length to either adaptive mode or a preset length.)

Adaptive mode: musically sets loop based on length of sequence and notes. start is the closest first bar at rec start and rec end is placed at the closest bar when rec was pressed to end the loop.
Preset mode: self explanatory - it records a pre given length.

  • The placed loop will then be repeated in form of copies, ghost tracks or will simply loop on that track until the loop repeat mode is deactivated on said track.

(one can also choose the option of jumping down to the next track and arming it when the loop recording has finished on the active track.)

Thanks for the time to listen/read=)

good night)