Looping a sample in a Sampler Track while keep a keyboard key pressed

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I would like to know if is it possible to have a sample in the Sample Track and then set the track to keep repeating that sample while I keep a key that plays the sample pressed. And if so, is it also possible to control the loop speed?

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You can load a sample in the Sampler track, then record the MIDI notes like you want, or just keep the keyboard pressed if you prefer playing it live.

I don’t know if that is possible to control the loop speed in real time wit a controller. The loop speed can only be set with the loop Start and End handles.
The Sample Track has initially been designed to play the sample like an instrument, so maybe what you want to do cannot be done.

Hi @Louis_R ! Thank you for the reply! Actually what I am aiming for is to do a stutter effect that starts repeating very fast and then the loop speed decreases in a couple of seconds. I found out that some of these effects are made not only with synths (where you can do it by modulating the envelope, etc) but with vocal samples that sound quite nice as well and you can use whatever with samplers.

Ableton’s sampler has this feature where you can easily control the speed of the repeating in a very organic way. So far, I don’t know if Cubase sampler has this feature, and if I would do this variation through midi notes, then how do I create this stuttering that starts super fast and decreases through time automatically with the notes?

I mean, I am aware that I could do that by hand but, it would take a while. I am aware that these stutter effects are easily made using some tools where I know so far that is possible in Ableton’s sampler for instance.

I’ve just tried it, actually you can do that with the Sampler Track ! :smile:
Just set the mode to Continuous, and record one long MIDI note.
When it’s done, set the automation to write mode, and while the sample track is playing, drag the Sustain Loop End (right green handle) to the left. This will speed up the loop, or if you want to start fast and slow down, first put the green slider to the left and drag it to the right, just like that :

loop stutter effect

Something that can do much better and in a much more convenient way is the iZotope Stutter Edit plugin, currently on sale at 10€ at the time I write this.

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@Louis_R , love you man! Thank you! That is exactly what I am looking for! I am feeling dumb because I did not read the “Loop Mode” field there! Amazing! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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No problem, I’m glad we could find a solution !