Looping causes audio drops

Frequently, when looping audio of an area smaller than 2-3 bars, I get a lot of audio drops with the disk cache meter peaking out. The smaller the loop area the worse the problem gets, this has only occurred since upgrading to C10.

Having tried to narrow down any cause, i.e. plugins, background operations, track count there seems to be no obvious correlation.

In fact I’ve never had problems with audio drops while looping even a 16th of a bar in SX3 using a much slower HDD reading audio clips from the same disk as my OS on a single core 1Ghz machine with 2GB of ram on Windows XP.

My current system should not be having any issues lol.

My hard drives are in good health. The OS and Cubase run from an SSD, my sample libraries and audio clips are both on separate Hybrid drives both with 8GB SSD Caches and I’ve got 64GB of RAM and my audio buffer is set to 512.

Cubase not loading all the audio possible into RAM so it’s not constantly reading from the disk seems really impractical too.

Windows 7 Pro 64Bit
Cubase 10 Pro
i7-5960X @ 3.7Ghz
64GB DDR4 @ 3Ghz
500GB 850 EVO SSD (OS drive)
2TB Hybrid HDD (Audio Drive)
2TB Hybrid HDD (Sample Libraries)

I’m experiencing the same issue on Mac with the CB 10.0.20 trial. Turning on or off the cycle while audio is being played is causing audio to cut off. I don’t remember this happening in CB 9.5 as extreme. This happens with new and old projects with little or no plugins(tested).

I believe CB is terrible with disk cache especially when working at higher sample rates(96kHz). This is the kind of stuff that is fustrating and what’s keeping me from coming back to CB.

Are you by any chance working @96kHz?

It’s always been like this.