Looping issue - audio cuts out for split second


I have a section in a tune I’m working on, recording guitar, when looping for some time the audio often cuts out for a split second then continues. It seems to cut out at the same point on the track. Have any of you experienced this?


Not an expert on looping… but is the audio cutting out at each loop or just at one point in the whole track? If at one point only, have you zoomed in at that point to look for something? Maybe even a automation point that somehow was applied.

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Thanks for the reply, Prock,

I’m using ‘looping’ to create a section of a guitar track which is proving to be difficult, so I was replaying this section of the tune up to maybe an hour.
Last night I was doing something similar with a different tune and the same thing happened…plus my machine eventually froze solid, 'had to do a hard reboot. Weird…

Thanks for your time mate,