Looping (media bay)

Hi peeps I’m not sure if this is a silly question or I don’t know the terminology

Been using Artist 7 since it came out, it pretty much does what I want it to do, I mainly make guitar music and do a bit of midi drums with Addictive Drums, works like a dream, but I’m a massive Hip Hop fan, especially late 80s early 90s, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest and am trying to turn my hand to the sampling techniques they used to do

Drum Beat
Some sort of hook (walk on the wild side)

I’m not bothered about modern sampling where you chop up the sample into smaller chops and trigger the sounds, just the old school 3 or 4 samples and some rhymes !

A mate of mine has Ableton and he can do exactly what I want in a couple of minutes with anything I want to sample no matter how obscure or what genre, and 80% of the time it works !

I sort of understand about stretching tempo, pitching and making samples fit, Cubase does this, not as good as ableton though

I want to know that if I say take the famous ‘Amen Break’ or even chop a loop out of something I have made in cubase, can it be saved in Media Bay with the preset loops that came with Cubase

The manual mentions that you can save regions in the pool, ive tried it and it does save but media bay cant find it, it also seems like a long way round of doing something simple

so basically, can you chop out a sample and save it to media bay ?

any help would be appreciated