[Loopmash 2] Changing the length of a loop

In some cases I drag a loop from Cubase 6’s MediaBay to Loopmash 2 and it incorrectly thinks the loop is one bar when it is actually two bars and it plays too fast. Is there a way to adjust/stretch/modify the loop to be two bars after it has been dragged into Loopmash 2?


Bump - anyone?

Is this really not possible? A 2 bar loop is being imported into Loopmash as 1 bar and playing twice as fast. Isn’t there a way to tell Loopmash 2 the loop length should be 2 bars instead of 1?

Open the pool and make sure the correct starting tempo is entered there.

If I drag a loop from Mediabay to Loopmash the audio doesn’t show up in the pool.

I’m finding it hard to believe that no one else can chime in? If a loop length is mis-calculated in Loopmash there is no way to adjust the length or hard-set the tempo for that loop?