LoopMash for MIDI

I think the subject says it all. Hey let’s not neglect midi!

Ah, I see, you want to create stuttering midi patterns with the ability to speed/slow tempo etc…

Yes, I want this :wink:

And …then… run that result thru LoopMash!

-I would also love LoopMash (as the current post VSTi insert FX) to host Steinbergs plugins (tape, mod delay, gate, etc) …somehow… but there could be a LoopMash FR thread in it’s own right.

could be interesting. of course audio is much more flexible in that there is no ‘latch’ issue, any sample can be played back from whichever position, whereas midi will always be just a set of note-on messages, but it could be cool (hard to image the outcome atm).

I don’t mean exactly like LoopMash but along the lines of it with a way to manipulate patterns into new patterns. Actually midi is more flexible than audio depending on your viewpoint.

yes i know what you mean.