LoopMash FX doesn't load up

Hey guys,
Recently I updated my cubase elements 7 to the full 7.5 version because it’s time already haha
any way, a week or more later I updated to Os X 10.10 Public Beta, and since then , cubase crushes (ALOT!) but that was predictable, BUT! since the update, I cant open/ load LMFX any more.
first I thought it was a minor problem, but I really need it, and because of the update I can’t reinstall Cubase 7.5.

what can I do? :confused:
anyone else seem to have this problem?

While we do not officially support 10.10 yet, have you tried using the Steinberg Application Installer Tool to reinstall?


Personally, I would suggest staying with 10.9 for the time being.