Loopmash FX

How can I record on a new audio track my Loopmash FX effects :question: How should the routing be :question:
I have a audio song which is triggered by Loopmash Fx on a midi track with midi keyboard and I would want to have it in a new audio track. Kindly can anyone give me a video link for this if not than Please guide me step by step I have spent a lot of time trying to do this but I still don’t know how! Thanks.


In general, it’s not necessary. LoopMash FX works the same way as other plug-ins and it’s applied in the real time. If you want to Record it, use the same process, we are using for this task:

  1. Render in Place or…
  2. Export Audio Mixdown; select the Channel from the list on the left side; import back to the project. Or…
  3. Add new Output in the VST Connections > Outputs; Route the track to this newely created output; Add new Audio track and set this Output as an Input of this new track. Record.

sorry for late reply I was out of station any how Thanks for your insight Loopmash FX is really important for me but I don’t seem to understand how to record this effect kindly is its possible to get a video tutorial link or something that explains it in a bit more detail ?


I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand, what do you want to record?

Do you want to record the changes you do? In this case, you have 2 options:
A) Write automation, click to the buttons to apply the changes in real time.
B) Add a MIDI track with the …LoopMash FX - Midi In MIDI Out. Then you can use MIDI Notes to control the LoopMash FX. The buttons are arranged in the “keyboard-style”, so you can see, which is the master key, for every single effect.

Does this answer your question?